What Would Don Draper Read?

Every once in a while, we’ll catch a glimpse of what our Mad Men characters are reading back in the sixties. But what would happen if they could walk into a modern bookstore? 

don draper would read james salter
James Salter has all the sex and debauchery that you would expect Don Draper to enjoy, but those sentences, you guys. There is no doubt in my mind that the deep, sentimental side of Don would be all over James Salter, which is why he’s reading the master’s latest All That Is.
peggy olson reads lean in

As far as Peggy has come from season one, she still has that bit of insecurity and a never-ending drive to succeed. Regardless of where her office is or how many people she’s in charge of, she’ll still be running toward Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.
joan holloway reads the engagements
Joan doesn’t need to read about leaning in because she’s already doing it. Despite her success, she can still be mistaken for the flighty secretary. J. Courtney Sullivan’s The Engagements has suffered the same fate at times; being written off by some as light chick lit when it actually has a much stronger message.
betty draper reads eat pray love
If you’re a fan of Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style, you know that a common point of discussion is Betty’s difficulty adjusting to current fashion trends. If she’s trapped in Henry Francis’ mansion, oblivious to the outside world, maybe she’s just now catching the wave of Eat Pray Love.
betty draper reads gone girl
Sally Draper, on the other hand, is leaps and bounds ahead of Betty when it comes to fashion, but still cooped up at boarding school. The girls may have to lie to go shopping, but you know one copy of Gone Girl has been making the rounds for a quite a while.
roger sterling reads franzen
Is there really any question that Roger would read Franzen?
What else do they think Don Draper would read? Or what would the rest of the cast be picking up?